Randomly selected travel destinations.

Join me on my adventures! 

About Me

My Background

A visitor to over 30 countries worldwide in my long career as an agricultural engineer whilst fiction and travel writing have always been in my blood.

How I Got Started Writing

On Saturday the 28th January 2006 I selected 100 random locations in the UK to visit by drawing letters of the alphabet from a hat to reveal the destinations contained in the Index of a 3 miles to the 1 Inch atlas. Many years later it was possible to fulfil that ambition in both New Zealand ('Random Journeys: New Zealand') and currently in the UK. 'Track' is my fictional adventure backpacking book..     

Top Destinations

My favourite places to visit are the United Kingdom and New Zealand but all of the destinations and countries that I have been to on my random travels have had their own story to tell. I hope that I have been able to reflect that in my writing and photography.